Make Music

2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

The Choo-Choos

The Choo- Choos originated through friends gathering twice a month for the new moon and full moon to join forces with their various musical talents. Anyone is welcome to share their gifts weather through instruments, voice or dance. There is always a shaker or instrument available to grab to join already acclaimed musicians. Just some of the instruments that can be heard in a "Choo- Choo" session range from guitar, zitar, bass, takeda, saxophone, handpan, space drum, harp, didgeridoo, various drums, flute, harmonium, voice and the list goes on. Music is played intuitively most of the time but the "Professional Musicians" of the Choo-choos can play most anything they wish, guiding the newcomers to bring forth their musical skills. You never know what you will get with "The Choo- Choos" but one thing is for sure it is music from the heart played with soul. (Note: Not all members of "The Choo- Choo's" will be available so some instruments may not be there on Make Music Day.)

Performances on Make Music Day

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