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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Victoria from The Blue Dolphins

The Blue Dolphins are a L.A. based songwriting duo composed of singer/songwriter Victoria C. Scott and five-time Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Alfonso G. Rodenas. Characterized by beautiful melodies, tight harmonies and an uplifting positive mood, their musical style embraces Folk, Pop and Rootsy Rock with a unique timeless quality. The duo write in a commercial style both natural and unpretentious, attracting a wide range of listeners with its universal themes and laid-back charm. Their music also has a special appeal with modern adult audiences (AAA).The band’s debut acoustic album, My Favorite Word Is Today (2012), was followed by the EP In Between (2013). In May of 2015 they released an EP titled Walking in the Sun and this was an advance of their full lengh album Come On! released in September of 2015. In 2016, whilst promoting their album Come On! The Blue Dolphins worked on new songs which are being released right now as a succession of singles Summer 2020- Spring'21

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