Make Music

2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Alanna Starr and Julieta Ferrero

Alanna Starr Shimel is a Mother, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sacred Song Carrier, Dance Teacher, Researcher, Writer, and Sophianic Medicine Woman who has dedicated herself to empowering others on their healing journey through integrating sacred music, insightful Wisdom and sacred Knowledge. Her true passions are healing through dance, sound, writing, and helping others return to their divinity. Julieta describes herself as a citizen of the world; having lived in many cities including Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Miami, and Los Angeles. Her travels instilled in her a set of values that have shaped and guided her throughout her life. Understanding, compassion, community, integrity, and love, have lead her to dedicate her career to deep inner transformational work through the healing arts, and music. Julieta is certified in Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Reiki.

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