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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Petty Chavez

PETTY CHAVEZ is an acoustic singer-songwriter duo; a transatlantic partnership whose haunting vocal blend and evocative, intimate soundscapes tell their modern day love story in a timeless fashion.   
 Born thousands of miles and an ocean apart, yet in similarly grey and rainy latitudes, Simon Petty and Celia Chavez somehow followed their own musical paths — from Manchester, England and Seattle, Washington, respectively — to sunny southern California. Since meeting backstage in LA at a David Bowie tribute gig in 2013, they have combined their disparate experiences ever since, in harmony, life and song.   “The chemistry between Chavez and Petty is undeniable, and few duos possess the talent and skill to maintain such an extraordinary level and equal ebb and flow of expressive exchange.” — Andrea Beenham, Music Connection magazine Website:

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