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“Make Music Ventura County” Winter!

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Make Music Winter Celebration – December 21, 2020!

Make Music Winter celebration returns on December 21, 2020.  This celebration takes place every year throughout different cities around the nation.  Taking place on the winter solstice, December 21, it is the sister event to Make Music Day which takes place on the summer solstice, June 21 each year.

What exactly is Make Music Day Winter and how can you participate?

Make Music Winter takes place outside, usually in the form of an informal parade gathering on the sidewalks, strolling past businesses, residence, parks, singing, playing instruments, dancing, whatever your imagination and your event coordinator can dream up for your event that is city approved and this year, Covid minded.  The whole idea of this celebration is for everyone to make music together around the world on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year!  All are invited to participate in this FREE event.

Covid 19

This year’s celebration will be socially-distanced and adhere to all city and county covid regulations.  The safest way to participate is to join an event that is going on close to home, however if you wish to come up with your own event it’s up to you so long at it follows all safety guidelines set forth by your county and city, and it is a FREE event and open to everyone to participate!



Join a Ventura County Make Music – Winter Event

Taking Place December 21, 2020


 Window Serenades

Sharing live music with our most isolated neighbors


On December 21, 2020 solo musicians or small ensembles of less than 5 members serenade residents at an assisted living home, nursing home or another housing facility for vulnerable populations who are especially unable to leave their homes, from outside windows. Residents who want to receive a serenade will be instructed to place hearts in their window, and the performers will play in front of each window that has hearts.


This project requires a partnership with an assisted living home or residence facility, as well as a musician who can organize a small group of performers to participate.

If you would like to participate or get more information on organizing your own event
please contact:
Cyndi Hall
Alliance Member
Organizer, Ventura County Make Music


  • Stay tuned to and follow the current guidance from local authorities on social distancing to be sure this event is in compliance. What may be permissible now may  not be by December 21st, and vice versa.
  • Be sure the players are sensitive to volume.
  • Consider outfitting them with Make Music Day attire or signage, so viewers know that they are a part of the larger celebration.



Sleigh Bells Ring, Car -o- ling in your Neighborhood

Will you join Make Music Day Winter, Ventura County as we “Ring” in the winter solstice, Holidays and the New Year coming with songs and instrumental music for our neighborhood.   On December 21, 2020 Families and friends bring joy to neighborhoods across Ventura County as they sing or play holiday songs for their community on sidewalks and in their own front yards across their city.

Don’t be shy!  Sing along to a jukebox of holiday tunes, play an instrument or ring sleigh bells as you and your neighbors join together in song, bringing joy and cheer to all who participate.    No experience necessary, just bring a great, festive attitude and Make Music Ventura!

Will you, Ventura County join us as we ring in the longest night of the year and celebrate the coming of the New Year!

To participate or get more information on organizing your own event, please contact:
Cyndi Hall
Alliance Member
Organizer, Ventura County Make Music