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In 2020, the Waupaca Area Arts and Culture Network becomes a Make Music Day Member!


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Make Music Day Waupaca is part of the international Fête de la Musique, taking place in 800 cities across 120 countries every year on June 21.  It is designed to celebrate music in all its forms and encourages people to band together to play free public concerts.

In the U.S., Make Music Day is presented by The NAMM Foundation, and coordinated by the Make Music Alliance.  This year, more than 65 U.S. cities are organizing Make Music Day celebrations, encompassing thousands of concerts nationwide.





Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Make Music Day Waupaca Event will be done via virtual/online participation only.

While we remain optimistic about the possibility of social gatherings by June 21st 2020, our plan is keep our first event simple and easy to be involved, online.

Check back often for details about how to participate.    Check out the Events page for ways to get involved.

You may also email us to be added to an email update list at or visit us on Facebook @makemusicdaywaupaca.


Here are the details of our Open Mic event. If you are interested in participating, check it out!


Are you tired of all your favorite events being cancelled? Well guess what! We have a MUSIC event for you and it’s guaranteed to not be cancelled!!

MAKE MUSIC DAY will be happening on June 21st, and we need you to be a part of it!

MAKE MUSIC DAY Waupaca is a collaboration between the Arts and Culture Network, the City of Waupaca, and Waupaca’s local businesses. The goal of MAKE MUSIC DAY is to celebrate music encouraging everyone, regardless of expertise, participating in the fun of making and sharing music.

Although the Waupaca Area Arts and Culture Network originally planned for MAKE MUSIC DAY to take place in downtown Waupaca, we are moving the performance space online. Along with many hands-on events, there will be an OPEN MIC. This is where YOU come in.

We invite you to create your own music video. It will be fun and easy. Here are few tips:

  • Choose a song or songs that you love and want to share
  • It can be solo, in a group, sung, played on an instrument, any genre, humorous or serious; the sky is the limit!
  • You will NOT be judged!
  • Your video can be up to 3 minutes in length (You can send up to 3 videos!)
  • The easiest way to create your video is to use your smart phone
  •  Please hold your phone in landscape orientation

Submitting your video is easy.  Send your smart phone video to the following email address:

If you have any questions on how to submit your video, please send your question to this email address as well.

The deadline for submission is June 5th.

Your videos will be broadcast on June 21st MAKE MUSIC DAY between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. on select local business and organization Facebook pages. There will be a schedule published at the MAKE MUSIC DAY WAUPACA Facebook page and on the MAKE MUSIC DAY website
We look forward to receiving your videos. Thank you for making our first MAKE MUSIC DAY Waupaca a fun and successful event.


Thank you for your interest in being part of this very historic first event for Waupaca!


This year is a very special event with unique challenges for us to celebrate Make Music Day worldwide. But, we are up to the challenge and hope that you will join us!!!

See below for other fun things to do during the day like lessons, Bash the Trash Videos and our own Pandemic Playlist!  

Harmonica Class 3p:
Receive a free harmonica and take an interactive online class!

Beginners especially welcome! Here’s how:

    1. Harmonicas will be distributed by the Waupaca Area Public Library with their curb-side service procedure, between June 8-20! 100 available, first come, first serve!  Drive up, park and call the number on the placard.  Hours Monday-Friday 10a-6p.
      Here are curbside pick up instructions from the Library
    2. On June 21 at 3pm, log on to ZOOM with this link:
      Harmonica Class
    3. The class will be broadcast on facebook live on the Make Music Day Page on June 21 at 3pm!

Virtual Open Mic   5p – 6p:

Concerts will be featured on the following local businesses’ Facebook pages!

Click HERE for the Master Schedule for each virtual venue.


Campfire Sing-a-long  7p – 8p:
Join our “virtual campfires” to celebrate the end of Waupaca’s Make Music Day, on the longest day of the year, June 21!
All will be broadcast on the Make Music Day Facebook Page, live!

There will be 3 consecutive FaceBook Live campfire singalongs starting from 7-8pm!

For the lyrics to sing along, click on the name(s).

Each group will be singing 4-5 great songs that you will just love to sing along with!

Lyrics are available at the above links. You can download and print them, or simply follow along on your device!

What a great way to end our Make Music Day celebrations!



Lessons for many instruments can be found on the National Website

Click on the links below for more information:

Percussion Class

Drum Set Class

Full List on National Website


Pandemic Playlist:
Submit songs for our inspiring Spotify playlist that you can play at your own leisure!

Here is the playlist so far, tune in for an inspiring bunch of songs to keep you grooving from now til Make Music Day!!!


Bash the Trash:
Tune in weekly leading up to MMD for fun videos on how to make an instrument at home.

There will be 7 in all, and you can video your instrument and submit!

Week 6     Bash the Trash Instrument Building Lab: Tube-tar

Click HERE for the Tube-tar instructional page on Bash the Trash website.

Week 5     Bash the Trash Instrument Building Lab: Traditional Diddley Bow

Click HERE for the traditional diddley bow instructional page on Bash the Trash website.

Week 4     Bash the Trash Instrument Building Lab: Percussion – Balloon Drums

Click HERE for the balloon drums instructional page on Bash the Trash website.


Week 3      Bash the Trash Instrument Building Lab: Brass – Tube Trumpets

Click HERE for the tube trumpet instructional page on Bash the Trash website.


Week 2   Bash the Trash Instrument Building Lab: Percussion – 4 in 1 Can

Click HERE for the 4 in 1 Can instructional page on Bash the Trash website.


Week 1     Bash the Trash Instrument Building Lab: Strings – Rubber Bands

Click HERE for the Rubber Band Box Guitar instructional page on Bash the Trash website.



My Song is Your Song:
Pair up with another songwriter and sing each others’ original songs! 

Stay tuned for where you can hear our local musicians swap their songs!!!



Make Music Day in an international event, with musical things going on all over the world on June 21.  Go to the Make Music National website for more information!

Here are a few select national appeal things that anyone can partake in:

25×12 Live Online Lessons
Make Music Day is the perfect opportunity to shake the dust off your instrument and start playing again, or to pick up an instrument for the first time.

Need a hand?

This June 21, music teachers from around the world will offer 12 hours of free, online group lessons for 25 different instruments, at a range of levels from beginning to advanced.  Jump around to sample a range of instruments, or binge on 12 straight hours of your favorite.


Want to see what other US cities are doing?  Go here!


The Make Music Alliance coordinates with organizers around the world to celebrate music on June 21.

Go here to take a peak at what’s happening worldwide on June 21!


If you have an interest in participating or have a question about Make Music Day Waupaca, please contact us via email at or visit our Facebook Page and message us.



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