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Is busking allowed in Worcester?

April 28, 2017

Short answer – yes, so long as you follow the rules. The short version is that as long buskers are not in the way (blocking or impairing passage of public ways) or asking for money with a sign larger than 12” x 18”, they’re welcome to accept money, even in a city park. So, make a sign, let people know who you are, and if they are inclined to toss some money in a guitar case nearby, you are free to accept it.

When you register as a performer for Make Music Day at a venue in the matching system, we will do our best to ensure that the venue meets the requirements.  We will also have volunteers on hand to keep an eye on the crowd to make sure public ways are not being blocked.  You will still be responsible to make sure that you do not exceed the volume and signage limits.

If you choose to busk on a different day, you will have to ensure that your location is OK under the rules.  Note that performing in a city park is never allowed unless you have the permission of the Parks Department.

We hope that you will consider performing outside beyond Make Music Day.  Buskers bring vibrancy and fun to cities.

Read the full city ordinance here: