Make Music


How to Make Music on June 21st

Registration is now open until June 14th.

Using our matchmaking software venues and musicians can register, create profiles and find a virtual online match for their Make Music Middletown performance.


  • Musicians and venues participating will be providing virtual performances for all online viewers to enjoy!
  • All matches made through the matchmaking software will appear on the Make Music Middletown promotions later this spring.

Participating is easy. Here’s how! 


Interested in performing during Make Music Middletown? Musicians of all abilities and genres are invited to showcase their talent and share their love of music online! The event is an all-ages, all-inclusive celebration of music. Register as a performer or venue offering a online performance by creating a profile. There is no fee to participate.

Everyone, regardless of age, ability, or preferred musical style can participate. We encourage you to embrace your inner musician, share music freely with your peers, and celebrate the rich musical diversity of your communities.

Whether you have a restaurant, or just a spacious front garden or porch at home, these locations can host a performance as long as it free and accessible to the public online. Make Music Middletown is a unique way to activate your space, engage your community, and inspire anyone and everyone to discover the joy of making music.

To participate:

Register and List your online performance

  1. Register as a performer or venue that will be presenting an online music event. Here you can list your social website and multiple media links.
  2. Participate in special national projects and initiatives listed at