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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Loreta Kovacic

Loreta Kovacic AKA “the Texas Slav” and “Dr. K” is a musician who knows how to transform herself and live a charmed musical life. A bad case of tendonitis halted her classical piano career, but at the same time, it shaped her into an artist that she is today. “Loreta Kovacic-Parani is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter-musician. No one can put this woman in a box.” (Jo Hanna, Baton Rouge). Music from Loreta’s 8 albums have been played on the International Space Station. As a singer-songwriter Loreta can be found performing anywhere from Notsuoh and Mucky Duck in Houston to Carnegie Hall in New York. She loves performing and collaborating with her brother, Croatian cellist Stanislav Kovacic and her dedicated theremin player, Joe Parani. Please follow her on Instagram, FB, YouTube, Spotify and subscribe to her email list on her website.

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