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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Bjorn Larsen

Bjorn Larsen has been a solid contributor in the Texas electronic music scene for the past 15 years. Based in Houston, Bjorn has helped put Houston on the map with his work with 77002 (nightculture), Jet Lounge, and Bauhaus. As head of Reverse, he has produced over 300 shows in Texas, opened for over 75 world renowned artists, and educated people with a universal vibe that translate well with a variety of dance floors. Even though he has had a successful career as a recognized dj/artist, it is his efforts behind the scenes that prove invaluable for the underground nightlife. Bjorn has been working with worldwide agencies since 2009 in order to develop the Houston house and techno scene. His extensive knowledge on the A&R side of business has allowed him to bring world class talent to a struggling market and make Houston a must stop for touring acts.

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