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Melissa Elledge

Melissa Elledge never set out to be a professional accordionist. She moved to New York City from New Orleans in 2004 to pursue her M.A. in piano performance at NYU, but a few years after getting her degree, she picked up the accordion as a novelty addition to her classical music background and immediately fell in love with the instrument. Since then, she has toured the country with a goth band; played a tango on a mausoleum; appeared in independent films and TV programs; and worked in theater, dance, and performance art productions. She plays in a variety of local bands (including an all-female accordion orchestra, a country-noir band, and a "gypsybilly" band). In May 2012, she was accepted into the Music Under New York program, and can be found most days converting self-proclaimed accordion haters over to the dark side.

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