Make Music Day

2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Ukulele Play-Along with Gwendolyn Fitz

Join Ukulele pro Gwendolyn Fitz for an evening of song and fun in Central Park! Mass Appeal: Ukuleles is a fun Make Music tradition, perfect for adults, kids and families. Make sure to bring your Uke! Gwendolyn is an award winning jazz-pop singer-songwriter with a love for story-telling. Classically trained as a flute player, Gwendolyn picked up the ukulele in 2016 to write the type of songs you would find in a romantic-comedy based off her life in NYC. The songs from her 2022 debut "I'm a Dreamer" EP were considered by Mahalo Magazine to be "storytelling at their finest," and "[music] that will stay stuck in your head for days." Her single, "Mind Made Up," earned her a spot as a finalist in the 2023 Coffee Music Project, allowing her to perform at the 2023 New York Coffee Festival.

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