Make Music Day

2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Teaching Artists from Symphony Space's Global Arts program, A Life With Drums/Harlem Samba: Luan Barbosa, Carol Rio, and Luis Nascimento.

Symphony Space presents A Life with Drums/Harlem Samba Harnessing the power of the arts to transform lives, Symphony Space’s Global Arts program helps students develop an understanding of the different cultures and the common traditions that bring us together as a global community. The program celebrates the beauty inherent in the art and history of diverse cultures—Asia, Africa, Latin America, Native America, and Early America—through in-school assemblies and workshops, and interactive cultural field trips. Tonight, we present the extraordinary music of A Life with Drums featuring Luan Barbosa, Carol Rio, and Luis Nascimento. Under the direction of Dana Monteiro, A Life with Drums was founded in 2017, an outgrowth of Harlem Samba modeled after the samba school baterias of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. The group’s members are alumni and friends of the Frederick Douglass Academy, a public school in Harlem, New York. The organization focuses on expanding the role of non-traditional musi

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