2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Barry Oreck

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Barry Oreck writes thought-provoking, often darkly humorous songs touching on societal and ecological issues as well as the perils of aging and long-forgotten love. Barry honed his craft surrounded by the rich folk and blues tradition of his native Chicago and has three albums to date with a fourth due in May 2022. Whether performing solo or with his band, Oreck believes that “music approached collectively can inspire action. At its best, music supports movement and change. It touches emotional chords that make us reexamine our lives and our relationships to others. It can change us.” In addition to his songwriting career, Oreck has also spent decades in New York as a performer and choreographer in dance and theater and creating sound and text scores for numerous productions (www.nicollandoreck.com).

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