Make Music Day

2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Pueblo Harlem: Afro Latin Jazz Alliance

Pueblo Harlem is the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance’s (ALJA) annual celebration of Hispanic heritage and culture, which has taken place since 2014 with support from New York City Council District 7. The festive program includes activities for children and families, salsa dance lessons, and performances by: the multi Grammy Award winning Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra; ALJA’s pre-professional youth ensemble, the Fat Afro Latin Jazz Cats; and special guests from ALJA’s family of performing and teaching artists, including Mambembé Samba Reggae, led by Brazilian master percussionist Everton Isidoro, and the Afro Cuban Rumba collective Kikirikí Biquéy. ALJA performs, educates about, and preserves the music of all of the Americas, emanating from African and indigenous roots, through the entry point of jazz and embraces its mission with a commitment to social justice, equity, inclusion, and the equality of all cultures worldwide.

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