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Deidre Struck

Deidre Struck is a pianist/singer/songwriter. Originally from Idaho, she moved to NYC to play keyboards for The Big Apple Circus in 1997, after getting a Masters in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas. Following her arrival in NYC, she released three jazz cds on the Sunnyside label, performed with such artists as Elvis Costello and Debbie Harry, and became a Teaching Artist for Carnegie Hall, specifically for The Lullaby Project. The Lullaby Project provides moms and dads in shelters, prisons, and hospitals a chance to partner with songwriting artists to write lullabies for their kids. In 2019, Deidre released a pop EP under the name Tiny Language, co-written and produced with Byron Isaacs of The Lumineers. She wrote and co-produced a musical for kids based on the children’s book Six-Dinner Sid. Deidre's most recent project, The Song Inside, draws on her many years as a musician, as she inspires writers, new and old, to discover how songs have led them to a brighter place.

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